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Neural Network using Make Moons dataset

The make_moons dataset is a swirl pattern, or two moons. It is a set of points in 2D making two interleaving half circles. It displays 2 disjunctive clusters of data in a 2-dimensional representation space ( with coordinates x1 and x2 for two features). The areas are formed like 2 moon crescents as shown in the figure below.

Laxmi K Soni

5-Minute Read

Single Layer Perceptron

A Single layer perceptron is a type of neuron having multiple inputs and one output. Input has many dimensions i.e input can be a vector for example input x = ( I1, I2, .., In). Input nodes are connected to a node in the next layer. The node in the next layer takes the weighted sum of all its inputs.

Laxmi K Soni

4-Minute Read

Neural Networks

Artificial neural networks are mathematical structures that are inspired by the human brain They consist of so-called neurons , which are interconnected with each other. The human brain consists of multiple billions of such neurons. Artificial neural networks use a similar principle.

Laxmi K Soni

7-Minute Read

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